Committee Agendas & Minutes

Elk River Fire Department Building Committee

Members:  Troy Inman, Kami Nibler, Tena Williams, Wayne Wilson, Tom Tillson

AGENDASFire Department Building Committee Agenda 3 18 19

Fire Department Building Committee Agenda 4 17 19-HAS BEEN POSTPONTED

Fire Department Building Committee Agenda 7 10 19


Fire Dept Building Committee Minutes 3 18 19

Fire Dept Building Committee Minutes 7 10 19

Elk River Noise Committee

Members:  Amy Rivers, Bob Stout, Diana Olson.

~At the October City Council Meeting the Mayor asked for volunteers.  The Mayor chose the committee members out of those volunteers.

Goal Statement:  The goal of this committee is to make a recommendation to the Elk River City Council regarding the noise issue facing the City of Elk River.  Right now there is no noise ordinance for the City.  The City was informed that since there is no City Ordinance it is viewed that quiet hours are continuous.  The Mayor and Council feels that this will negatively impact the town.  They decided to form a citizen committee to come up with possible solutions.


  1. Meetings must follow the Open Meeting Laws.
  2. Meetings should be no more than two (2) hours long in duration.
  3. Meetings shall be called and conducted by the Committee Chair or designee.
  4. Meetings may be attended by the public. Participations and discussion by Committee members unless directed by the chair.
  5. Committee membership is appointed by the Mayor.
  6. Committee consists of three (3) members.
  7. The Elk River City Clerk will serve as Secretary for the Committee.
  8. Recommendation to be presented to the Elk River City Council on or before February 20th, 2019 in an open meeting.


Elk River Noise Committee agenda 12 10 18


Elk River Noise Committee minutes 12 10 18