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Budget Hearing Notice for Fiscal Year Ending 2022 on August 18, 2021

Public Hearing Notice for sewer rate increase of 15% on August 18, 2021

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July 19, 2021


This letter is to give you an update and inform you, not ALARM you. We are not in a worse position than we were 48 hours ago, but we are now receiving a lot of attention and a fantastic amount of support resources. 

We will be receiving up to 300 firefighters and support equipment beginning immediately. I just met with the Liaison Chief with the Eastern Area National Incident Management Team to determine how we can best partner with them to handle this amount of support.  Everything from food, water, tent areas, showers, porta pots, etc. They will be parking equipment on Landing Road and the snowmobile parking area. Please avoid hindering their operations in these areas.

Important: The air strip has been closed to all aviation until further notice.

They will use it strictly for their emergency needs. The air space has been closed as well. Do Not Fly Drones or any use of any aviation devise. Any encounter with a drone would ground the entire fleet of aircraft at a critical time. 

Also, The Elk Creek Reservoir is being used as a water source for firefighting aircraft which pick up water when hovering or flying across the water surface.  When aircraft approach at low altitudes please clear the area and stay away.

Our local businesses have done a great job of taking care of up to 50 firefighters. They thank you, I thank you. Now we need to step it up big time. They couldn’t be in a better location for small town support!

I promise to keep you updated, so please don’t slow this team down with questions, stopping them with visits or phone calls, etc. You can call Christina at City Hall and are welcome to call me anytime. We will share what we know.  Christina is sharing all updates on the City’s Facebook page and City website,

Mayor Dave

BURN BAN IN PLACE FOR THE CITY OF ELK RIVER UNTIL CONDITIONS IMPROVE ~ Due to very hot temperatures and extremely dry conditions, the City of Elk River is following the lead of the U.S. Forest Service, Potlatch-Delta and other agencies in prohibiting burning until conditions improve effective Friday, July 16, 2021. This ban includes burn barrels, fireworks and recreational fires such as campfires. Propane campfires and BBQ’s are allowed at this time. Your cooperation is appreciated! ~ Mayor Dave

2021 ER Days Schedule of Events


Mayor’s Letter July 2021

Camping Information:

  • The City’s RV dump and water station are on for the season.  Remember to bring your own hoses.  Donations are greatly appreciated!
  • Please remember to pack it in, pack it out.
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